Our Plans

Initially we are looking to develop a new floating jetty at the Naval Point slipway, which will provide for improved facilities and safety for all users. 

The jetty consists of three parts:

  • Fixed timber access jetty
  • 12 metre gangway connecting the fixed and floating jetties
  • 20 metre x 5.25 metre floating jetty using five exsiting concrete breakwater units

The estimated cost for the above is $220,000 which excludes private contributions of approx $100,000.


  • Stable floating jetty in rough conditions to berth boats against for launching / recovery to/from boat trailers.
  • The jetty will act as a buffer for waves generated in adverse weather conditions, calming waves which in turn will provide for safer transition to/from boat trailers.
    The jetty is positioned to the south therefore boats will be blown away from the jetty due to sudden wind gusts from the south.
  • Ability to guide boats onto trailers using hand lines
  • Additional berthing available during peak usage times, assuming weather conditions permit.

This jetty is phase one of a larger concept plan to enhance facilities at Naval Point. However the jetty is needed to attract more users to make the subsequent steps viable.

Concept drawing of the new floating jetty.

Plan Images

Below are some images to assist in showing the plans we have developed for Naval Point (click an image to view a larger copy).

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